Wedding Dress Alterations

Taking Fitting & Elegance of Your Wedding Dress To The Next Level

Looking great in your wedding dress has never been easier. Thanks to TwoBirds’ Bridal Alterations, you can look extremely beautiful in your wedding dress. With over 30 years of experience in wedding dress alterations, tailoring, and customizing services – we’re one of the most experienced in Sydney. With our experience and expertise, we make your dress look perfect on you.

No Bride Is A Standard Size

We understand that not every bride is a standard size. Ready-to-wear dresses for brides are designed and stitched according to the standardized sizes. However, not every bride fits the mold. To make a dress look just the right dress for you, we understand the shape of your body and alter the dress accordingly. TwoBirds Bridal Alterations services make your dress perfectly fit & give it a great tailored look.

Our Wedding Dress Alterations Offer

Our Bridal Alterations offer a full range of tailoring services for wedding dresses. Regardless of whether you need a simple alteration or full garment creation, we have everything needed for a perfect solution. Brides from across Sydney hire us for an unparalleled experience, friendly professionals, and high-end expertise. TwoBirds Bridal ensures that you, like every past client, look elegant & incredible on her special day. Handling both simple and complex wedding dress alterations is our key expertise.


Your wedding dress should make you stand out and look incredible on your dream day. If your wedding dress isn’t perfectly fit, you need its hem to be adjusted. Regardless of the type of dress, we hem expertly and make them perfectly fit for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple sheath dress, gown, or an elegantly beaded dress, we have a skillful & experienced team to produce perfect results.


No matter how expensive or beaded is your wedding dress, if it’s not fit, you won’t look good. TwoBirds Bridal Alterations focuses hugely on giving your dress the most flattered & comfortable fit. Making your dress comfortable, adding bra cups, giving a smoother look, and let it hug your unique curves are our prime focuses.


By adding bustle to your wedding dress, we elevate its charm, elegance, and exquisiteness. Besides, we bring ease of mobility to your dress. TwoBirds Bridal is an expert in creating elegantly draped bustle for wedding dresses. We provide customized and unique bustle according to your dress.


Sometimes, your wedding dress is beautiful but it has “something missing.” When you bring your bridal dress to TwoBirds Bridal, rest assure that your dress will get the “wow” factor it was missing. Having over 30 years of experience, our experts can identify the missing elements quickly. We add embellishments to your dress, making it look perfect for you.

Get Your Wedding Dress Perfectly Altered!

If your wedding dress isn’t perfectly fit, then TwoBirds Bridal’s Wedding Dress Alterations is the right solution. Bring your dress to us and we’ll give it the perfect fit, embellishment, and the “wow” factor that it’s missing.



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