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Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Get the perfect plus-sized wedding dresses that are made for you!

TwoBirds Bridal — Plus Size bridal dresses

The average dress size of an Australian female is between 14 to 16 according to our market research. So, that is the reason most of our dresses in our Sydney showroom are in size 12 and up. We stock a great range of plus-size wedding dresses and we also have our plus-size bridal dresses up to size 28 in stock.

We do not put our brides in a size 10 dress and tell them to imagine how the dress would look in their size. Instead, our brides can try on a different range of shapes and styles plus size bridal dresses to find the best one that is right for them.

Picking the best suitable wedding gown is a dream for each woman, but for most of us who aren’t a size 6 or 8, finding the best suitable one gets hard. Most of the brands will not offer any option above a size 14 – and when you would like to make one for yourself, it would be even harder.

You want to feel like you are in the best bridal dress on your wedding day. To feel this, it is very important how you go about picking the perfect wedding dress.

Plus size wedding dresses

It doesn’t matter if you are petite, skinny, or an attractive lady with a curvy body, you can look just perfect on your wedding day. Why can only skinny brides look fabulous? You have a unique figure and there’s nothing wrong in flaunting your unique shape. Let our plus-size wedding dresses make you look elegant, beautiful, and perfect on your special day.

With our elegant collection of plus-size bridal dresses, you don’t need to wear outdated and boring plus-size dresses. Our collection is a perfect blend of trendy, classical, and elegant dresses available in plus sizes.

Being well aware of the current trends and using our experience in designing our regular-sized range of bridal dresses, we have designed these dresses with your full curviness in mind.

Extended-size wedding dresses for curvy ladies

The perfect dressing for your wedding occasion involves a gorgeous fit that looks perfect on your unique curves. Our plus-size bridal dresses are not only affordable, but these gowns are the epitome of versatility. Regardless of your wedding venue, these dresses have the perfect appeal to blend well with any kind of venue; be it a highly ambient indoor or a rusty outdoor location.

Wear one of the best plus-size wedding dresses from our collection of bejeweled and simple yet attractive dresses. Wear one of these dresses and turn every eye on you on your special day.

Get your dress now!

If you are someone with an attractive and curvaceous body and only plus-size dresses fit you, then you need to explore our collection. Explore our collection of plus-size wedding dresses and find the best dress for you.